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Built-In Dimmable LED Lights

A key premium Ship Shape awning feature dealers enjoy highlighting to customers as a standard feature on all our awnings is our built-in dimmable LED lights.

These lights are cleverly built into the arms of all our awnings, giving users the ability to control the level of light by remote control.

For customers wanting to keep their gatherings going well beyond dusk and deep into the night, these built-in dimmable LED lights are a prized premium feature. 

EZ-Pitch Adjustment

Ship Shape's EZ-Pitch Adjustment is another highly-valued premium awning feature that comes standard with all our awnings.

Our EZ-Pitch Adjustment makes pitch changes a cinch.

Customers may easily adjust the slope, or pitch, of their awning by themselves by using an included crank, turning the pitch pin on either side, thanks to our EZ-Pitch Adjustment.

Ship Shape's EZ-Pitch Adjustment is so special that similar features produced by competing manufacturers is an absolute rarity in the awnings industry.

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Integrated Cassette Housing

Ship Shape awnings integrated cassette housing protects awning fabric from weather damage, extending its life.

Our integrated cassette housing is another popular premium feature that comes standard on all SunPro awnings.

Ship Shape Awning’s Premium Features Are Standard on All Our Awnings

Ship Shape is committed to bringing our high-quality awnings to dealers and customers in South Florida

Now offering 30 in-stock high-quality Sunbrella® fabrics across five color groups to giving customers seven signature premium features that come as standard features on all our awnings, Ship Shape produces the finest awnings in the industry.

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